If You REALLY Want To Sell
We have been in the used fur industry for over 20 years.  Many of the items we do not sell
are donated to charitable organizations and the needy. Many of the coats we buy,  are remade
into other items and or sold to crafters for great projects, we do recycle everything. As long
as one is wanting to sell their coat and realizes the depreciation value, and is realistic,  we
generally come to a DEAL!
We also accept donations as we also use fur coats to make fur boxes for the outdoor cats that
are strays and have been abandoned in the winter, and for wild animal babies that I raise that
have lost their mothers.


We do buy MANY coats from the United States and Canada please call us and if we can come to
an agreement on price, you can ship through United States Postal Service ONLY,  Air Mail the
fur coat(s) to us and we will make payment through Paypal or payment of your choice if the
coat(s) are in stated condition as agreed. We will furnish shipping address that garments should
be sent to. To start this, we would ask you to contact us and send email pics of your fur
garments. Or refer to the page Ship It To Us.
Sell Fur Coat Outside Canada and Ontario
No Big Deal At All Really Simple
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