Shipping a donated your fur coat is simple. We accept coats shipped through the United States or Canadian
Postal Facility , really simple, folded in cardboard box, wrapped in plastic.
We also accept donations as we also use fur coats to make fur boxes for the outdoor cats that are strays
and have been abandoned in the winter, and for wild animal babies that I raise that have lost their

We accept fur coats that one just wants to donate , just follow instructions below.

Please send coat(s) to
Email for specifics

be sure to mark item as used clothing donation coming from United States with a dollar value of $50.00. If
shipped from Canada details of contents are not required.
Be sure to include payment information and email address.

Simple and easy, gets here in about 7 - 10 days.

Simple How We Work.
Sending Your Fur Coat

To Donate or Ship Item
Ship via US Post Mail or Canadian
Postal Mail Service Only. Contact
us for customs information and let
us know when you have shipped the
garment. We do not accept UPS or
any type of courier shipments, as
they charge high import taxes up
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