Sell a used fur coat or used fur jacket, we Pay Cash For Fur Coats and have been for almost 20 years. We
Are One Of The Very Few Services Available That Buy Used Fur Coats, Even Furriers Will Not Buy Used Fur
Coats, so here we are if you would like to sell your used fur coat, simple and easy COME ANYTIME we are
close to the 401.
Did you know fur coats collect moths and moth larvae, if you have furs in your home, you may not even be
aware you have moths. All furs stored or not have a shelf life or expiry date, so don't wait until they are not
We welcome both Canada and United States, if you have furs you want rid of, just let us know.

If you have been trying to sell your fur, you will soon realize, not much of an interest.

Option 1  Send us your fur, we will sell it through our consignment network, and we split 60/40 as we have to
pay for the service.
Option 2  Send us your fur coat, we will check the skins and make an offer based on the current used fur
market selling factors.

Either Way

Most used fur coats we buy are in all honesty over 8 years of age, and really between 12 - 60 years of age.
This last two years have been the worst for fur sales and it is getting to a point where they are simply just
not worn at all. Please feel free to send us your used furs and we will try and sell them. Everyone is trying to
sell their granny coats.

WHY NOT CASH IN, instead of paying that storage bill every year, or selling that coat in a garage sale,
letting it deteriorate in the closet, or just plain giving it away, get a little cash,  before the coat is of no
value even as craft. Fur coats age, and as they age they dry out, stored or not, until they start to tear like
paper, they all have a shelf life.

Pelt condition must be checked to ensure dryness factor. As well, wear zones, and lining condition. These would
have to be looked at and priced accordingly. We also consign your garments.

Most people that do contact us are not the original owners of the coat, have acquired the coat at garage
sales, thrift shops, gifts, or through friends or family inheritances, and do not know what the fur is. We can
still help, and even if you do not have the original bill of sale, and storage history, by  examining the coat, we
can tell the age and condition, and give you a fair dollar value. However in all instances we must see the coat
for final evaluation.

Other considerations that determine price is the actual fur type itself,  and then again whether the coat is
full pelt, or contains inserts, pieces, paws or tails. The wear factor does play a large role in our price with
areas of matting or flattening, missing guard hairs on arms, rear, cuffs and clasps, pelt skin deterioration also
contributes to market value.

Some fur coats we buy are used and taken apart for other things. We have abandoned cats that we line
winter boxes for. Nothing goes to waste. Should you wish to donate your coats please feel free to ship them to

Please be realistic, todays market does not support the wearing and slaughtering of animals and furs are
becoming an item no one wants anymore. Due to our recycling, we can still purchase certain furs.

YES is it hard for us to believe that fur coats have become something of the past, and in real life, they are
not coming back into fashion for the everyday population as people have become humane in the way they want
animals treated, and no animals should have to die for people to wear their skins, that is todays reality.

Feel free to send us your coats and we will try our best to find them new homes.
Paypal is our #1 choice of
sending and receiving distance
payments on the internet. We
also pay cash and send Money
We have been buying used furs for
over 25 years and have many
happy customers.
Feel free to consign your fur coat,
however payment will not be made
until the fur does sell.
Consignments are made as per used
fur market value today.
Payments Professionally Sent
We Are The Real Deal!!!
We CARE and we are FAIR!
We are at your will talk to me
Canada or US simply follow instructions on
the left side of this page and send photos
to the email, and we will get back to you
If you do not hear back
from us the photos were
too large and did not come
through the servers, and
we did not get them.
WAIT - You have an appraisal from a furrier or original document, THIS is
only an insurance replacement value document only, should a new fur need to
be made because you are paying an insurance rider monthly and your coat gets
lost or damaged, and should this happen you will only get a new fur coat made
only no CASH, this means nothing to the used fur market and is a misleading
document. If you have an appraisel, and expect to get even close to that
please try and sell your fur yourself. Just not realistic.